NCHBA Member Affected by Brunswick County Tornado Receives $5,000 Check from NC Home Builders Foundation
NCHBA President Michael Enscore (second from left) surveys tornado damage in Brunswick County after presenting HBA member Tim Long (third from left) with a check to aid in his recovery efforts. Also pictured: NCHBA Executive Vice President Tim Minton (far left), Brunswick County HBA Executive Officer Tracey Tew (center) and Brunswick County HBA President Robert Norton (far right).

On February 15, a tornado struck southeastern North Carolina and left a 22-mile path of destruction in Brunswick and Columbus counties. The EF-3 tornado killed three people, injured another 10 and damaged at least 60 homes and businesses.

Among its damage, the storm destroyed the business of Brunswick County HBA member Tim Long.

On a recent visit to Brunswick County, NCHBA President Michael Enscore and NCHBA Executive Vice President Tim Minton presented Long with a $5,000 check to help with his recovery efforts. The North Carolina Home Builders Educational and Charitable Foundation, Inc. steps in to help members on an as-needed basis in the event of a natural disaster or other devastating event.

Enscore and Minton toured the disaster site with Brunswick County HBA President Robert Norton and Executive Officer Tracey Tew. They saw firsthand the devastation caused by the tornado and the long process it would take to rebuild. Trees were snapped and the home and other structures were severely damaged. Fortunately no family members were injured even though they were home when the tornado struck.

President Michael Enscore said, “I am proud to be part of an organization that helps its members in this way. Even though t his contribution does not replace what was lost, NCHBA wants to help with the recovery process. We encourage other members to do the same.”