Michael Enscore READY TO LEAD NCHBA in 2021
BOTTOM RIGHT: Enscore hopes to be able to engage NCHBA members in person again in 2021. He is pictured here in 2019 during a stop in Boone, NC for NCHBA’s Home Building First Tour.

“COVID-19 has shifted HOW we do many things but critically it hasn’t changed WHAT we do –the mission is the same,” Enscore said. “We’re going to keep protecting the American Dream in our state from legislative and regulatory barriers and promoting education and professional development.”

To accomplish that mission, Enscore notes, NCHBA has adopted a new three-year strategic plan that outlines the association’s vision, values and strategic objectives.

“The new strategic plan will enhance NCHBA in many areas,” Enscore said. “From building on our political strength to improving membership value and strengthening our professional partnerships and communication, it’s an exciting roadmap.”

In his capacity as President-Elect in 2020, one of Enscore’s responsibilities included serving as chairman of the North Carolina Builder Institute’s (NCBI) Board of Trustees. NCBI was one of numerous providers of continuing education (CE) for licensed NC general contractor qualifiers for the inaugural 2020 CE year. Enscore looks forward to NCBI continuing its leadership in offering professional development to builders.

“In the first year of CE, NCBI taught nearly 1 in 4 of those who completed their 8-hour requirement” Enscore said. “That’s a great accomplishment given the proliferation of class providers once virtual learning was approved by the Licensing Board (NCLBGC) in light of COVID-19 restrictions.

Our NCBI faculty and staff have done an outstanding job and I know this year (2021) will be even better.”

Finally, Enscore said he is hopeful to reach more NCHBA members and get them involved.

“I think 2020 has taught us the value of connections and of membership,” Enscore said. “In the early days of COVID-19, everyone was worried that the bottom would fall out or that we wouldn’t be able to work. NCHBA lobbied hard to keep our industry going and provided consistent, informative updates to our members. That was priceless.

He also notes that using tools like Zoom to hold virtual town halls and meetings, while not a substitute for getting together in person, can help engage members where they are.

“If we can bring more people in by having a virtual component, that should become the norm,” Enscore said.

The past year has taught everyone in the home building industry a lot, Enscore says.

“Despite the obstacles, our mission of building homes so that families have a safe and affordable place to live remains critical,” Enscore said. “I look forward to my work as NCHBA President in 2021 so that North Carolina remains a place that families want to call home.”