President’s Message
A Year To Remember
By Phil Warrick, 2019 NCHBA President

Phil Warrick

What a journey it’s been in 2019! It has been my great honor and pleasure to serve our industry as the 2019 president of the North Carolina Home Builders Association. The list of accomplishments this year is long. I’m proud of the leadership team, regional vice presidents and NCHBA staff who have worked so hard to make it possible.

I specifically want to mention that Continuing Education for General Contractors has become law in North Carolina. As you may remember, in February of 2018 the Board of Directors of NCHBA overwhelmingly approved a resolution to seek legislative action in the 2019 Session of the North Carolina General Assembly to require a minimal amount of continuing education for general contractors in North Carolina.

NCHBA’s legislative team went to work and quickly got sponsors and many co-sponsors of both the Senate and House versions of the bill. The bill received the Governor’s signature this summer. Beginning in 2020, general contractors will be required to complete 8 hours of continuing education in order to renew their license.

It’s worth remembering WHY a statewide standard for continuing education helps our industry and homeowners. Chiefly it will help us keep up with the rapid change happening in our industry –from new products to complex code requirements. Moreover, it will separate the true professionals from those who do substandard work because they lack up-to-date education.

To help our members as well as the general contractors outside our association, the North Carolina Builder Institute (NCBI) has quickly evolved to become a leading provider for continuing education. NCHBA has invested significant resources to ensure that our educational arm is ready to provide the same first-rate experience for students that it has been delivering since 2000. To that end, there’s a new website ––that I invite you to explore and a new NC Builder Institute Facebook page (@NCBuilderInstitute) that I hope you’ll give a “like” and start following.

This year has provided many other highlights –including legislative victories that have literally saved our members thousands of dollars, a fantastic Home Building First Tour across the state, an exciting 21st Century Building Expo & Conference, and many local HBA meetings, installations and networking events that have been my pleasure to attend.

The year ahead –the dawn of a new decade –provides just as much opportunity for success as this year has been. I look forward to serving as Immediate Past President and working alongside 2020 President Mark Martin, whose vision, leadership skills, and dedication will serve NCHBA extraordinarily well in the New Year.

Thank you for a wonderful year. Here’s to 2020!