New Decade

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The Martin family, including (L-R) daughter Amanda Damico, Mark Martin, Sandy Martin and Sam Martin.
2020 NCHBA President Mark Martin presents 2019 NCHBA President Phil Warrick with a testimonial of appreciation.

NCHBA BUILD-PAC and the Home Builders Education Fund, Inc. to ensure that pro-housing candidates are elected.

“The stakes are high in every election,” Martin said. “The result can be decided by a razor-thin margin, so it’s incredibly important to make sure that we’re doing our part to get out the message about the candidates who will help keep housing costs reasonable in North Carolina.”

Martin is equally committed to focusing on membership. He says a strong economy and housing market provide fertile ground to cultivate more members to grow the association from every corner of the state.

“North Carolina has been a leader in membership growth and we’ve got to keep our foot on the gas,” Martin said. “We’re going to show the value of membership in the coming year and work to spread that message far and wide.”

Martin follows the lead of Dave Stormont to become the second Outer Banks HBA member to become NCHBA president. Stormont, in fact, presided over Martin’s recent installation held in Pinehurst, NC.

“Dave Stormont, Duke Geraghty, and Carl ‘Pogie’ Worsley were some of the first people I remember meeting when I moved to the area,” Martin said. “And they’ve remained valuable friends and great advocates for our industry.”

The relationships and connections stand out as one of the most important benefits of membership, Martin says. The bonds and trust that develop at membership events on both the local and state level are valuable assets in an industry where there’s constant change and new obstacles.

“NCHBA is more than 14,600 members strong right now,” Martin said. “That’s an incredible testament to the strength of our association.”

“The year ahead is a new opportunity to grow even stronger,” he said. “I’m excited to kick off this new decade along with NCHBA staff, the executive committee, executive officers and our members across the state.”