President’s Message
The Impact Of Home Ownership
By Phil Warrick, 2019 NCHBA President
Phil Warrick

As home building professionals, how often do we pause to think about the impact of home ownership? I think probably not enough. Home ownership, after all, isn’t just about families achieving the American Dream, it’s a cornerstone of the American way of life.

Home ownership builds stronger communities, gives families a solid financial foundation for the future and improves quality of life for millions of people.

That’s what we’re fighting for. And it’s easy to go about the day-to-day routine of work and HBA participation without giving much thought to what the point of all this is. At the surface, we all obviously want to earn a living and protect our industry, but I know for many of you being in this industry means so much more than that.

That’s why events such as our Legislative Reception and Legislative Visits, which were held back in May, are so important. I was glad to see so many of you in Raleigh advocating for the issues NCHBA is fighting for. It was an impressive show of strength and unity. Our numbers send the message that we are engaged in the legislative process and that we shouldn’t be taken for granted.

When you look at other states, even neighboring ones, we are so blessed here in North Carolina that many of the regulatory, code and other government-imposed obstacles to housing do not exist here. A big part of that is our outstanding legislative team of Mike Carpenter, Tim Minton, Steven Webb and Robert Privott. But their message to legislators is so much more effective when it’s backed up by constituents from back home. Therefore, thank you for being in Raleigh and take as many opportunities as you can to meet with your lawmakers and talk about the issues important to our industry.

I hope you’ll also show up in Charlotte September 10-12 for another of NCHBA’s marquee events –the 21st Century Building Expo & Conference. You can find the “Top 5 Reasons To Attend 21CBEC” on page 10 of this issue. This year’s theme is “Building Community,” which I think perfectly describes what the home building industry is all about.

Over the last century, housing and homeownership have helped the United States become the most dynamic economy the world has ever seen and have fueled an ever-growing middle class. Literally hundreds of thousands of new communities have been established as a result.

That’s an achievement worth celebrating! I look forward to seeing you in Charlotte as our industry comes together to sharpen our knowledge, have fun and make valuable connections so that the future of home ownership –and the health of our communities –remains bright.