2017 NCHBA Regional Leadership Training
by Mike Carpenter
RVP Wes Carroll kicked off the Region III meeting at Builders First Center in Raleigh. Thirty-one attendees were present, representing six local associations. The group raised $6,500 for NC BUILD-PAC.
The Region 4 meeting returned to the ever-popular Cutting Board Restaurant in Burlington. RVP Gary Hill brought together a group of 35 people, representing four local associations. A total of $5,150 was raised for NC BUILD-PAC.
RVP Hiram Williams held the Region 1 meeting at River Landing Golf Course in Wallace. Twenty-seven participants attended, representing five local associations. A total of $2,600 was raised for NC BUILD-PAC.
RVP Gary Witherspoon scheduled the Region 8 meeting at the beautiful Rock Barn Country Club in Conover, NC. All of the region’s local HBA’s were represented. In all, 33 people attended and a total of $6,250 was raised for NC BUILD-PAC.
Jamie Wightman brought together a group of 26 people, attendance by presenting a generous $1,000 donation to the $6,500 for BUILD-PAC.
The Region 5 meeting was held at Highland Country Club in Fayetteville. RVP Danny Adams did an outstanding job with NC BUILD-PAC, raising a total of $8,005. Twenty-three people attended the meeting, representing three local associations.

The 2017 NCHBA Regional Leadership Training Forums were held across the state the last week of January and into early February. And this year’s edition set new records! A total of 298 people attended the 10 meetings across the state (290 attended last year) and $57,805 was pledged or contributed to BUILD-PAC (the previous record was $44,620 in 2016). Forty of the state’s 60 local HBAs were represented, comprising almost 90 percent of the state’s membership.

“All the regional vice presidents deserve credit for organizing these meetings in great venues,” said NCHBA Executive Vice President Mike Carpenter. “The attendance numbers demonstrate the extra effort that everyone put into the assignment, which includes not only turning out a crowd but also getting the local leadership to attend. With almost 90 percent of our statewide membership represented at the meetings, we accomplished our primary mission –which is to get the word out about NCHBA to the grassroots.”

Two meetings were held per day starting on Monday in Asheville and Williamston; Tuesday in Wallace and Lenior; Wednesday in Fayetteville and Conover; Thursday in Raleigh and Winston-Salem; and Friday in Concord and Burlington. The East team was composed of Brian Pace, Alan Banks and Kathy Craven Snodgrass. The West team was made up of Gary Embler and Phil Warrick. Following prior precedent, Mike Carpenter and Maureen Mullen went west for three days and then switched teams with Tim Minton and Jeffrey Turner for Thursday and Friday’s meetings.

“I would like to thank our Senior Officer team for its extraordinary commitment to travel the state for a week to spread the good word about NCHBA,” Carpenter said. “These meetings are critical to educating our local leadership about NCHBA and to encourage attendance at our future state meetings and events. Many of our current state leaders’ first exposure to NCHBA occurred at regional meetings held in years past. I predict that future state leaders attended this year’s meetings but they just don’t know they will be future state leaders at this point!”

Builders Mutual Insurance Company (BMIC) was the sponsor of the regional meetings. “They deserve a big ‘shout out’ not only for their generous financial support but also for having so many of their territory managers, risk managers and auditors attend one or more of the meetings,” Carpenter said. “Not only did our members benefit from their presence, I believe the BMIC folks learned a lot about NCHBA while also making good contacts among our local HBAs. Our bond with BMIC has never been stronger.”

A new program “7 Ways to Grow Your Membership” was presented by Maureen and Tim and was well received. Also, time was set aside at each venue for Mike and Tim to discuss the recent sales tax changes, prompting many questions and much discussion.

Please remember that all of the information presented at the regional meetings (as well as much that time didn’t allow to be covered) is available to our members on www.nchba.orgunder the “Member News—Member Log In”.