Top 10 NCHBA Actions

railings, stair treads and decking of porches and exterior decks. With respect to plumbing, no permit is required for replacements that do not change size or capacity.

SAVINGS TO MEMBERS: Thousands of dollars in unnecessary

permit fees.

7. Significant Appropriations to the NC Housing Finance Agency

NCHBA was a key supporter of the original legislation in 1973 which created the NC Housing Finance Agency, a self-supporting public agency, with a mission to finance housing opportunities for our state’s citizens who are otherwise not adequately served by the market. Support for its programs is an annual NCHBA priority. We are pleased to report that the final conference report of HB 1030 added an additional $5 million to the previous appropriation of $15 million to the Workforce Housing Loan Program as well as $7.66 million for the state’s Housing Trust Fund and $3 million for the HOME program.

SAVINGS TO MEMBERS: No direct savings but support for

critical housing programs that benefit the public and industry.

8. BUILD-PAC and HBEF, Inc., Had Big Impact in 2016 Elections

NC BUILD-PAC was a major player in the 2016 elections. It contributed a total of $224,725 to candidates in 9 statewide races, 48 of 50 state Senate races, and 102 of 120 state House races. In the Senate, BUILD-PAC participated in 48 races and won 47 (98%). In the House, BUILD-PAC participated in 102 races and won 98 (96%).

The Home Builders Education Fund, Inc., our new 527 entity, was also highly successful in its inaugural year, spending a total of

$255,361.16 in 2016. In the primary, it participated in 19 races (7 candidate mailers, 12 candidate newspaper ads) spending $83,612.89. A total of $171,748.27 was spent in 26 general election races (21 candidate mailers in 15 races; candidate billboards in 11 races and a radio ad campaign in one district). HBEF had winners in 43 of the 45 primary and general election races in which it which it participated (96%) in support of pro-housing candidates. The HBEF was particularly active in a critical House race where one of our legislative champions was in a tough contest. About six weeks before the election, private polling showed him running behind his opponent and trailing the top of the GOP ticket in base support. The HBEF produced 3 mailers targeting unaffiliated and “soft GOP” voters in this district. The HBEF also produced and ran radio ads and followed up with a mailer specifically targeting all GOP voters in this district who had not voted early. He won with 53.1% of the vote. There is no doubt that these HBEF expenditures were a major reason for this result. Altogether, NCHBA advocacy spending for the cycle was $485,086.16.

9. Established the NCHBECF Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief Fund

In the wake of the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew, the trustees of the North Carolina Home Builders Educational & Charitable Foundation, Inc. established a Disaster Relief Fund to provide assistance to NCHBA members and their families who were adversely affected by this storm and appropriated $20,000 to this effort. Shortly thereafter, Builders Mutual Insurance Company contributed $10,000 to the fund and subsequent contributions by members across the state have increased the total in the fund to almost $35,000 to date.

10. Increased NCHBA membership, grew the 21CBEC and finished 2016 with solid profit.

Current NCHBA membership statistics show an increase in 2016 of 4.6% to almost 13,800 members statewide; the 14th annual edition of the 21st Century Building Expo increased both exhibitor participation and attendance by 10%; NCHBA will finish 2016 with solid profit.