Pace Leads NCHBA To “Know, Grow And Go” In 2016
by Mike Carpenter, NCHBA Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Brian has been married to his wife and best friend, Stacy, for 20 years. Together, they’ve raise three daughters, Allyson, Hadley and Jessica.
Brian’s enthusiasm is apparent at NCHBA events such as the annual 21CBEC. Here, he congratulates a grand prize winner, Sam Drakulic of Classica Homes.

Brian Pace is a man of action. His high energy and contagious enthusiasm are constantly on display. Reflecting those traits, Pace’s theme for his presidential year was “Know, Grow and Go with the NCHBA”. A common objective spanned Pace’s goals for 2016: increase the engagement of our members in the association. By any measure, he clearly accomplished this objective!

Pace, a third-generation builder and developer from Charlotte, first became acquainted with NCHBA during his tenure on the leadership ladder of the Charlotte HBA, where he served as president in 2008. During the Great Recession, he gained a new perspective on the industry from peers he met while attending NCHBA meetings. He recognized the value of NCHBA, which motivated him to serve as NCHBA’s Region VI Vice President from 2011-2013 and to later join the NCHBA senior officer leadership ladder.

Through his service, Pace realized that NCHBA members needed to better KNOW the association’s mission in order for them to be engaged, active participants. Engaged members help the association GROW its membership and influence. To make this happen, Pace understood that he had to GO get involved.

During his frequent visits to local associations across the state, Pace has spoken passionately about why each of us needs to be motivated to protect the American Dream of homeownership.

Pace has also taken an active role in ensuring the success of many of the association’s 2016 achievements, which include:

• NCHBA had another excellent legislative session in 2016. The General Assembly enacted, and the Governor signed into law, virtually all of NCHBA’s agenda. Highlights include fixing the sales tax for repair, maintenance and installation (RMI) services; obtaining an appropriation to put the NC Building Code online; passing legislation which provides that no building permit is required for minor repairs; providing resources to the NC Housing Finance Agency; extending needed vesting protection to multi-phase developments; and successfully thwarting several unfavorable local bills.

• During 2016, membership grew by almost 4 percent over yearend 2015, preserving NCHBA’s position as the largest state association in the NAHB federation. On a personal level, Pace challenged each member of his Executive Committee to recruit a minimum of two new members in 2016, resulting in almost 200 new members.

• In the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew, Pace led the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Home Builders Educational & Charitable Foundation in creating the Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief Fund. This fund will provide assistance to NCHBA members and their families who suffered from the storm. The fund was established with a $20,000 allocation soon supplemented by a $10,000 donation from Builders Mutual Insurance Company and by numerous member contributions.

• In its first full year of operation, the “Home Builders Education Fund, Inc.,” NCHBA’s Section 527 entity, was active in 43 primary and general elections races for the NC General Assembly. It spent more than $250,000 in support of pro-housing candidates. Established late last year, this entity supplements NCHBA’s political action committee (BUILDPAC), which contributed almost $230,000 to pro-housing candidates during this election cycle.

• NCHBA’s newest council, the Volume Builders Council, had a successful inaugural year. Composed of 33 national and regional production building companies, all of whom pay a special dues assessment for council membership, this council held several meetings during the course of the year to provide input and expertise into the formulation of NCHBA’s 2017 legislative priorities.

• Attendance was up at the 14th annual 21st Century Building Expo & Conference held in Charlotte in September. The number of exhibitors also increased. Pace’s “hands-on” leadership was evident as he led the assembly and take-down crew for the Design House on the expo floor.

• One of Pace’s priorities was to continue to emphasize NCHBA’s commitment to education through the work of the NC Builders’ Institute; the maintenance of strong support for vocational career educational opportunities; and the award of four (4) college scholarships via the NCHBA Educational & Charitable Foundation. Pace also led the very successful “Builders Classic” Golf Tournament in April –the primary funding source for the NCHBA Educational & Charitable Foundation’s scholarship program.

• NCHBA continued to implement the three-year NCHBA Strategic Plan, adopted in 2013; strengthened the role of our regional vice presidents as a vital link between NCHBA and our local membership; and maintained NCHBA’s strong financial footing by recording a solid 2016 operating revenue profit that increased NCHBA’s net assets to a record level.

• Both personally and through his leadership team and other members, Pace continued NCHBA’s strong record of involvement in the activities of the National Association of Home Builders. There have been many tangible achievements during Pace’s tenure,

but what people may remember most about his term as NCHBA President is his enthusiasm. He would be the first to credit his leadership team and the association’s staff for the many accomplishments during his tenure. However, leadership flows from the top, and the association’s accomplishments in 2016 clearly reflect Pace’s attitude and commitment.

On behalf of the NCHBA staff, the NCHBA Executive Committee and the entire membership, we thank you, Brian, for leading us to “Know, Grow and Go” in 2016 and beyond!