President’s Message
“A Family Affair”
by Brian Pace, 2016 NCHBA President
Brian Pace

If you’ve heard me speak this past year, I’m sure it didn’t take long for me to share a little something about the most important ingredient in my life –my family. Perhaps you also heard me share countless stories about what it’s like to be a father of three daughters or the husband of one of the greatest soulmates I could ever dream of, Stacy. But hopefully it didn’t take long before you also began to realize that I truly consider this fun journey of being your president “a family affair.”

Some of you may not know, but I’m a proud partner in a family-owned and operated building and development business in Charlotte; a business that affords me the privilege of sharing each and every day in our industry with my father. My grandfathers also worked in the construction business, so I guess you can say it’s in my genes. As many of you know, a family business is like none other. You spend your days making critical business decisions alongside somebody who knows every single personal life detail, failure, success and sometimes secrets you ever had. You also have to make tough decisions with somebody whom you are bonded eternally through family loyalty and love. When decisions are made in a family business, there’s always a higher level of risk as well. You see, every single decision cast by those family members in the business know that some decisions may ultimately impact their family’s lives back home as well. In some cases, a family’s entire net worth is bound to the business operations. The challenges and hurdles can be daunting. In particular, the Great Recession was especially tough for our industry and so many family businesses that make up our great NCHBA organization. However, I fully believe that the incredible core strength of our many family businesses helped our industry persevere and recover from one of the worst economic periods any industry has ever faced.

As I’ve traveled the state this past year, I’ve discovered that family businesses are a common bond shared by many in the homebuilding industry. Indeed, as a group we operate in an industry that is built on the principles of hard work, entrepreneurialism, lifelong learning and family

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