President’s Message

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character. Our industry is also one that’s built on a foundation of passing down our trade and craft to others.

I remember in 1995, when I made the difficult decision to leave a large national building corporation to join my father in business in Charlotte. I sometimes questioned this decision. However, after more than 20 years of fighting the fights of our great industry, the ups and the downs, and getting to share in the creation of communities and building homes for other families, I can’t think of a better path for my life. You see, our greatest accomplishment as an industry is building a home. Not just a “house,” but homes where families can grow, love and prosper in our great state. As an organization made up of hundreds of family-owned and -operated businesses, we know what defines a home better than most.

Family businesses also dominate our trade and associate member businesses. Nothing gives me greater hope and faith in our industry’s future than to walk on a job site and see a father, a son, and a brother or sister all working alongside each other. I can’t think of another industry that shares this type of familial bonds and relationships with each other. The homebuilding business is like no other.

And that unique family character is reflected in the NCHBA, because we, too, are bonded by lifelong relationships. In many cases, you will find that involved members are the 2nd and 3rd generation of HBA members. What better example can we have for retention and involvement?

As summer transitions to fall, the homebuilding business in NC shows no signs of cooling. Permits and land values continue to climb, even in the face of some industry challenges. This makes me more confident than ever in the strength of our industry and our members. I continue to enjoy the journey this year as your president, and I’ve been happy to share, if only briefly, a small piece of my family with you as well.

The 21st Century Expo and 3rd Quarter meeting in Charlotte is just around the corner. As an industry, these events are opportunities to help members sharpen their skills, grow their businesses, and also share their knowledge so we can all grow stronger together. So I hope you’ll find your way to Charlotte September 13-15 to participate in all that the 21st Century Building Expo & Conference has to offer.

I look forward to seeing each of you there!