Legislative Session

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The NCHBAlobbying team, including (L-R) Legislative Lobbyist Steven Webb, Executive Vice President and General Counsel Mike Carpenter, and Director of Government Affairs Tim Minton huddle in the Senate chamber immediately after adjournment near midnight on Friday, July 1.

are effective 07/01/16). SAVINGS TO MEMBERS: No direct savings but support for critical housing programs that benefit public and industry. KEY LEGISLATORS: Rep. Nelson Dollar (R-Wake); Sen. Harry Brown (R-Onslow).

Played Defense; Stopped Harmful Local Bills

As always, NCHBA played defense during the session with several bills. Examples include two local bills, HB 1136 (Morrisville Road Fees for Development Projects), and SB 848 (Cary Charter Amendments). The former would have authorized Morrisville to impose a road impact fee on all new construction. The latter would have greatly expanded Cary’s authority over zoning and land use matters. STATUS: HB 1136 was referred to the House Rules Committee where it died upon adjournment; HB 848 was enacted but without the provision we opposed. SAVINGS TO MEMBERS: Millions of dollars had these provisions been enacted. KEY LEGISLATORS: Rep. Skip Stam (R-Wake); Rep. David Lewis (R-Harnett); Rep. Nelson Dollar (R-Wake).

While these were the major ones, your legislative team dealt with many other important issues during this session. To provide some perspective, NCHBA tracked 334 of the 2,053 bills introduced (16.26%) during this year and last. The session ended before conference committees were able to work out the differences in several bills to which NCHBA devoted much time and attention (e. g. regulatory reform, county subdivision streets, etc.). These matters will return in the 2017 Session which will convene January 11. NCHBA is already getting prepared.