President’s Message
A Moment of Reflection
by J. Gary Hill, 2013-2014 NCHBA President


As my second year as President of the North Carolina Home Builders Association— the greatest Association in the nation—comes to an end, I wanted to tell you how much of an honor and privilege it has been to serve as your President.

You have heard me talk about inspiring others. Well, over the last few weeks, I have been reflecting on these years and thinking about what has inspired me.

I have been proud to serve, almost on a daily basis, with Mike Carpenter, our Executive Vice President, and the incredible staff at NCHBA. Their dedication to our Association and our industry is most inspiring to me, and they have made my position as your President very easy and fun.

I was privileged to serve along with Rick Judson during his year as Chairman of NAHB and be a part of his Executive Committee, an experience that I will treasure for many years. His dedication to our industry is infectious, and his quest to serve our members is ongoing.

I have visited almost 50 of our local associations. I have met many of our members, made new friends and renewed old acquaintances. It has been inspiring to me to hear the successes of our members and the way you have adapted to the economic conditions we all had to face. You have been successful by right of survivorship.

I was privileged to visit many of our associations alongside Kathryn Stansbury and Jerry Cowan, often spending many late nights on the road. They are truly ambassadors to membership, and I have witnessed their dedication and inspiration to our association.

I have also had the privilege of traveling nationally to represent NCHBA and have witnessed the importance and respect that our association has on the building and remodeling industry in our nation. We are 10 percent of NAHB’s membership, and when we talk, others listen and generally follow.

It has been incredible to witness the dedication and enthusiasm of our Senior Officers and Executive Committee and the many committee chairs and vice chairs. After all, this is where the business of our association gets done.

I have realized the extreme importance of our local Executive Officers and the care that they show to make sure we as members are successful and our local associations are prosperous.

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