are reduced from 2:1 to 1:1 and the term “isolated wetlands” is defined reducing the chances of arbitrary and erroneous field determinations.

13. Substantially improved riparian buffer mitigation requirements by the passage of SB 883 (Mitigation Buffer Rule) which, among other things, allows credit for restoration within 30 feet from stream banks and allows buffer preservation to count for mitigation which was not allowed under the old rules applicable to various river basins across the state.

14. Private developers will be allowed the same stormwater BMP standards as DOT currently utilizes as a result of the passage of SB 294 (Allow Use of DOT Stormwater BMPs).


15. Successfully lobbied for a continued significant appropriation for the Housing Trust Fund administered by the NC Housing Finance Agency. The conference report for the budget bill (SB 744) appropriates $7 million to the Housing Trust Fund for 2014.

16. Preserved the Workforce Housing Investment Program (formerly state low-income housing tax credit), which was scheduled to sunset 12/31/14, but was extended by an appropriation of $10 million in SB 744.

17. Prevented patent abuse. Sec. 2.1 of SB 648 (NC Commerce Protection Act of 2014) creates protections to deter “patent trolls” from threats and unfounded litigation. Many businesses including home builders in other parts of the country have been victims of such conduct.

18. Exempted contractors from new Landscape Contractor Licensing Statute. See Sec. 3 of HB 366 (NC Farm Act of 2014)

The General Assembly will convene on January 14, 2015, for the 2015-2016 Biennial Session and will likely focus on tax reform and Medicaid reform once again. As always, the NCHBA lobbying team will be there each day, fighting for the home building industry.

A more detailed report on NCHBA’s 2014 Session Legislative Report is available in the Member’s Only Section of www.nchba.orgunder the Member News tab. Should you need the member password, please contact